Since I got to town in summer 2006, I kept busy with starting and operating any small local and online businesses, one of them is “Property Maintenance” where I have been managing and proving multiple services to commercial and residential properties for the last 11 years.

About 3 Years ago, I joined my experience in managing properties and operations with my software engineering experience to build a business ecosystem that offers a happy medium to both customers and self-employed professionals.

“A system that reduces the middleman cost will bring you services at reasonable costs and will put more money into the working bees pockets.

3 years of studying, learning & developing a business concept that must be flexible enough to support the fine balance between the cost, the availability, the access and the income. along the way, I found huge roadblocks are huge, lots of technical difficulties, limited resources and too many other things in between but getting this far for sure it was a rich learning experience, “It's well worth it.

As for any software and business model, it must take its time to improve and fully deploy but until then and thereafter I’ll do everything within my power to make sure that by the end of the day services are rendered professionally and as promised.

On-demand services.

Easy instant access to professionals based on a very small show-up fee, a set hourly rate and a per km charge where applicable. 

Either over the phone or through Waddou Apps, you can get instant estimates, order your service and only pay for what you use, “We charge by the minute without a minimum. 

“Yes, now it is possible to hire a plumber in Fort McMurray and only pay for 43 mins.

Small moves “One Ton cargo van for hire.

A reasonable and a very convenient way to move something that you just brought from the Facebook market or Kijiji, we can also come handy when an extra hand and van are needed to make a small move.

Heating & plumbing “You on-call plumber.

Our service technician has more than 30 yrs of experience servicing residential and commercial clients in Fort McMurray, along with our certified journeyman gas fitter, we put a team together to bring the needed services at a reasonable cost without a minimum charge.

Selected household products.

Imagine going to a store where you can buy light fixtures, faucets, locks... etc, without worrying about finding professional help to get them installed!

Well, that’s exactly what Waddou “Comes installed” concept is about, we set a shop that is exclusive to household products that need to be installed. 

“One Stop, One Price.

The goal is not just to save you money but more importantly to save you time and hassle, all the prices include the delivery charges, the professional installer cost and the disposal of your old product if applicable.


Water heaters.

It’s can’t be any easier, you just have to order and get ready to take your next shower. a team of 2 to 3 professionals including a certified journeyman will take care of it all for you.

Faucets. You fall in love with it at the store then what? take it home and choose between installation cost, a time-consuming and risky hunt for a low-cost installer or let it sit on the shelve to get it out of the way! Buying it from Waddou gives you a new option that doesn't cost you a fortune. 

“It doesn't have to sit on the shelve until you find somebody to install it.

Smart locks. 

When you buy your smart lock form Waddou you only need to worry about setting your codes and locking your doors “Everything in between is already paid for.

Thermostats, light fixtures, smart switches and plugs.

Why take a chance on installing them while you can buy them installed.



"... Starting small to grow bigger with you.