The Associate guarantees the work will meet trade standards of good workmanship. The Associate and the Company respectively warrants that materials and parts to be used are of standard quality. The Company will maintain all manufacturers’ warranties for equipment.

The Property Owner is limited to the manufacturers’ warranties for defects in the manufacture of equipment, components and materials.

If not stated otherwise in other Order Documents, the Associate’s warranty for labour is (10) days from completing the installation. The Associate’s warranties are limited to the cost of labour and materials only and exclude ordinary wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance and improper use. The Service involves installation of equipment, therefore, the further proper maintenance of such equipment is responsibility of the Property Owner.

If not agreed otherwise, all warranty work will be performed based on the Associate’s normal schedule. The Company will work with the Associate to perform the warranty work within a reasonable time frame.

There are no warranties expressed or implied, for existing equipment, structures or materials not installed by the Associate as part of the Installation Service.